About Lemei

Lemei (from the Milanese word “l'è mej”: it's better) is a digital boutique born in Milan, for the online sale of clothing, accessories and furnishing accessories.

It all started in the summer of 2021, when, evaluating the purchase of yet another t-shirt from a new small brand that had just been discovered, we asked ourselves: is it possible to bring the same philosophy and care of the small neighborhood boutique into a digital reality ? And how can we enhance the efforts of brands that work to produce in a more ethical and sustainable way with a lower environmental impact?

So here's what we thought we'd do.


Select small European businesses that produce their products ethically, with a keen eye on manufacturing quality, made in the EU and the materials used.



Buy a one-way plane ticket to transfer our stock of these products directly to the Lemei offices in Milan.



Release and showcase only one new brand's products each week.

Just one, because we believe in a slow approach, and after all what's the point of discovering everything right away?



Deliver orders with the lowest possible CO2 impact. How do we do it? In two ways. In Milan, our city, all orders are delivered by bicycle.

Where we don't arrive with the bike, we take charge of offsetting the delivery to make it carbon neutral.



Having a digital presence, yes, but also a local one. Being an online reality nowadays is essential, but we believe that seeing each other in person is always beautiful.

So here are pop-ups, workshops and events, to really offer something more than a simple purchase.


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