Lemei is much more than an e-commerce: it is an aggregator of virtuous projects, with the ambition of making conscious shopping easier and more accessible

  • Selection of brands and products

    Selection of brands and products

    We only select brands that produce in Europe. Small independent realities are always privileged, what is produced by hand, with certified sustainable materials and in small quantities. But also women-run businesses, and those that actively support local worker communities.

  • Transparency


    We are committed to being as transparent as possible with our community, transmitting as immediately as possible the information provided to us by the brands, which is the basis of our pre-selection. Lemei's goal is to offer the tools to allow you to make informed purchasing decisions.

  • Packaging


    All Lemei packaging is designed to impact the environment as little as possible. We only use paper and organic cotton: what really can't be reused can easily be sorted for separate collection. But there's more! Return instructions are printed on plantable paper.

  • Distribution


    Lemei was born as a Milanese e-commerce: in our city, deliveries are made by bicycle, with a view to minimizing CO2 emissions as much as possible. We compensate all national shipments together with UPS, activating the carbon neutral option on all deliveries at our expense.

And not only...

The road to absolute sustainability is still long, but as we study new solutions and grow together with brands to offer low environmental impact shopping, we have decided to take a step further.

Since November 2022 we have started collaborating with the Green Future Project, an innovative platform that allows you to play an active and collaborative role in the challenge of climate change. Thanks to this partnership, we will donate €1 for each product purchased to support two projects: the financing of tree planting at the Vilamatsa Mangrove Site in Madagascar and the forest protection of the CanandΓ¨ Reserve in Ecuador.

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